We use state of the art commercial push mowers which are designed to offer a premium cut every time.  Our walk behind pushmowers are light (only 170 lbs vs 300 + lbs of a ride on mower) and thus the tires are less likely to cause unsightly ruts and damage to your turf.  

We feel that this low impact solution offers our customers a premium cut without compromise.

We have our lawnmower blades professionally sharpened twice a week to insure that your turf receives a clean cut.  A clean cut is essential to a healthy lawn.  Dull blades tear at the grass blades and leave brown/ragged tops which stresses the turf and makes it susceptible to disease.

Our mowers are equipped with a mulching deck which enables the lawn clippings to be finely chopped up and distributed back into the lawn.  This introduces nutrients back into your  lawn- think of it as free fertilizer!

When our customer's lawn is too long to properly mulch, we will gladly bag the lawn clippings and dispose of them in a biodegradable paper waste bag.