People Matter.

Our approach to employment is that everyone deserves to live a good life.

It is important to us that everyone that works for Thomas has the opportunity to grow themselves and  improve their lives.

We are committed to offering our employees a living wage.   

This is why we offer our team members at or above industry average wages and benefits.  

We offer RRSP matching contributions for all team members.

We want our team members to be secure in their current and future plans.  To help facilitate this, we offer a matched RRSP plan to all employees.  In fact, we'll contribute to employee RRSP accounts even if they do not contribute.  That's how serious we are about our team member's individual futures.  An RRSP account opens the door for home ownership in the short term and retirement in the long term.  

Upward mobility within the company is important 

Today, every leader at Thomas Lawn Care started in an entry level position and, as the company grew, their hard work and enthusiasm were recognized and they were promoted.  To help facilitate this growth, we fund education and accreditation for any team member who wishes to increase their industry knowledge.  This helps them to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

Dedication to our team member's success is the reason Thomas Lawn Care continues to grow and innovate in the Lawn Care industry.  Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their properties are being well cared for by the very best in the industry.