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Slice Seeding -  What is it?

Slice seeding is the process of planting grass seed directly into an existing lawn.  Customers who have "tired" lawns or lawns which have been damaged by chinch bugs, grubs, drought or heat will want to consider slice seeding ( also know as Slit Seeding) as a cost effective way to make their lawn greener and thicker.

Photo credit: Jacob Thomas

How does Slice Seeding Work?

Our specialized slice seeding machine uses vertical cutting blades to slice down through lawn thatch into the soil.  Grass seed is delivered into the newly created slice via curved disks.  This combination of slicing, disking and seeding results in grass seed being planted at the perfect depth in rows all throughout your lawn.   

We will crosshatch your lawn with the slice seeder, meaning we'll run the machine over the target area in 2 directions.

Photo credit: Ryanturf.com

The result is a thicker and greener lawn! 

Photo Credit: Jacob Thomas

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What Happens Next?

You will start to see seed germination after 7-11 days and a fuller lawn in 6-8 weeks.  

The key to success is proper watering

Water after 7 pm but before 7 am - Early morning is best!

1. Maintenance Practices – (Initial Watering.)The first watering should be heavy, wetting the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches( approx  1 - 2 hours).  This will allow developing roots to better penetrate the soil. Daily watering will also be more effective with a heavy initial watering. Care should be taken not to allow runoff.
2. Maintenance practices - (First 3 Weeks)
Daily light watering (approx  15 min) is recommended for the first 3 weeks. The objective is to keep the surface moist. The amount of water applied each time will be small. However, in hot weather, two or three watering may be necessary.  You should not saturate the soil in this period, as potential seedling disease problems are lurking.
3. Maintenance Practices – (Fourth Week)
As the seedlings develop, the surface may be allowed to dry out, but the root zone must still be kept moist. Change from light daily waterings to heavier waterings every other day( approx 30 min).
4. Maintenance Practices – (Fifth Week)
Two heavy waterings (45 - 60 min) to maintain soil moisture for root development and later germinating seedlings.
5. Maintenance Practices – (Sixth Week)
At this point resume normal watering procedures for your lawn. 1 inch of water each week (aprox 30 min of watering twice weekly) will provide adequate growing moisture for excellent lawn performance.

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