Lets face it, working in a cubical is not for everyone.  Working outside where you can breath the clean air, and take in all of the beauty that nature puts on display  is the dream for many.  This is the dream of everyone at Thomas Lawn Care.  Our teams have the opportunity to earn a living while working in the beautiful outdoors!   We connect with nature everyday by nurturing and maintaining the landscapes of our clients.  

Why work out side in nature? 

Working with plants in a landscaped environment offers rewarding sights every day plus a sense of accomplishment when a job is completed and well done.  Working outdoors at Thomas Lawn Care will offer exciting new and freeing experiences every day, with different jobs and landscapes needing your special attention.  

Connect with the seasons

As the seasons progress, you'll see how the  work you perform affects the plants under your management:


  In the Spring you'll see new life everywhere as well as the stresses left over by Winter.  Plans are made and implemented tending to the needs of each landscape in turn.


Summer will being warmer days and maybe even drought.  You'll see how plants manage under this new stress and, working with homeowners, you'll see how even the harshest conditions can be managed with careful planning.


As the heat of Summer fades and the leaves begin to change, you'll see how vigorously plants begin to respond to fertilizations, and repair techniques.  


As the season comes to a close you'll see the landscapes go dormant in response to frost and in preparation for the upcoming snow and cold months.