The Benefits of An Active Job:

1. Live Healthy

Spending the day outside moving and walking often is not just great for staying trim and in shape, but it's good for your heart and entire body as well.  Working an active job at Thomas Lawn Care can lead to a healthier lifestyle, keep you in shape, keep your mind clearer and leave you with more energy.  Many of our team members take pride in their ability to maintain healthy living and physical fitness year after year.

2. Making Connections

You get to make connections by working closely with others in a way that isn't possible at desk jobs.  Thomas Lawn Care team members work side-by-side to take care of customer landscapes.  This generates a strong sense of team work responsibility for both the work and other team mates.  This environment generates lasting relationships between co workers and many of the clients you'll meet throughout the seasons.

3. Change of Pace

You'll get to work at multiple different locations each day.  There will always be something different to do and see at each location.  Instead of sitting at the same desk each day at the same building, you will travel across the area interacting with different conditions, different customers and their specific needs.