Bare patches in your lawn indicate an underlying problem.  Often times damage by turf disease, grubs, animals, chinch bugs, heavy traffic, low light, poor soil ect will cause your lawn to have patches or bare spots.  Remedying these problems is often a challenge for home owners in Ontario.  It is important that proper identification and treatment is completed BEFORE any damage repair is attempted.  For more information, check out our articles on: Turf Pests

Here at Thomas Lawn Care, we always recommend the most economically feasible solution(s) first.  

When dealing with a patchy lawn, depending on the severity of damage, we will normally recommend starting with a Thomas Lawn Care Package.  Our packages are designed to move your lawn's health in a positive direction by first aerating, then overseeding.  This combination results in an increased germination rate for the grass seed vs applying seed on  bare ground.  This is because the seeds will rest in the areation holes and against the soil plugs that have been deposited on the lawn.  Seed needs good soil-to-seed contact for germination to occur.

Our packages also include multiple fertilizations.  Our "play safe" formulations of nutrient rich fertilizers will cause great growth in the Spring, preperation for the heat and drought in the Summer and fortification for the snow in the Fall.