Benefits of Spring Cleanup - Lawn Care Tips

Now that winter is finally through having its way with us - we can start thinking of our outdoor property and getting it in tip-top shape for the seasons to come. When we think of lawn care we often think of summertime, but proper lawn care isn't limited to the summer months only.  In fact, as soon as the snow melts is the best time to start restoring your lawn from the long winter in order to have the healthiest lawn. So let's get into some of the ways you can prepare your lawn for a healthy season.


Now I hope you didn't think raking was sport only for the fall months - raking is actually one of the best things you can do to prep your lawn in the spring. Not only does raking allow you to pull away the damp leaves suffocating your lawn - it also allows you to pull out any dead grass after a long winter. Raking also loosens up the soil and removes any signs of post-winter snow mold which can prevent new grass from penetrating the soil and growing freely.


Spring fertilization is very important, after plants have been hibernating for the winter, spring is the perfect time to provide the proper nutrients to support healthy growth.  Fertilizer is comprised of 3 major ingredients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Each ingredient contributes to the grasses ability to grow greener, stimulate root and seedling growth and fight against disease.


Core aeration is the process of removing small "plugs" or "cores" of thatch and soil and depositing them on top of your lawn.  This process serves to provide the roots of your lawn with increased access to fertilizer, oxygen and water.  Thomas Lawn Care likes to perform an overseeding concurrent with core aeration, as we find it promotes better seed germination.  When the seeds fall into the the holes created by our machine, they have a higher rate of germination than if they were spread on top of the lawn.  The result is a healthier lawn brimming with new growth.


Spring and Fall Overseeding is an essential step in any lawn care program. Your lawn needs constant new grass growth to remain healthy.  Overseeding, especially when applied in conjunction with an aeration, will introduce new seedlings to your lawn.  Overseeding should be completed in the early spring when the ground temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius.  This usually means late April and early May here in the Ottawa valley, although some years later seeding will generate good results.  the optimal time to overseed a lawn is in early September when the heat of the summer has passed.  Seed planted in the Fall has a greater chance of surviving the heat and drought of the next summer due to having a more established root system than Spring seedlings.

Well there you have it - the top tips to get your lawn in shape for the season! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start your spring cleanup!