After your Thomas Lawn Care Technician has applied the chinch bug reducer, its a good idea to lightly water the affected areas - 15 min should be sufficient.  The goal is to ensure nematodes are flushed into the turf where chinch bugs are present.  

To insure that you receive the best results:

  • Your lawn should be kept moist for a minimum of 3 days after application. 
    •  To achieve this, simply water your lawn 15 min twice daily, once in the early am (before 10 am) and once in the evening(after 7 pm).
    • During dry conditions, this routine should last for up to 7   
  • Monitor affected areas.  If you notice that the size of the stressed patches of turf are increasing in size or spreading, an additional application may be required.  
  • Reseed stressed/bare patches using black earth and quality seed.