You may think that now that summer is over your lawn care efforts are too. Wrong! Fall is actually the best time to prep your lawn for the spring/summer season. While you won't see the fruits of your labour until next year, your hard work will definitely pay off when you have a full and healthy lawn next year. Here are a few reasons why fall is the best time to prep your lawn!


The Soil is Still Warm


While the temperatures are certainly getting cooler the ground is still relatively warm, creating ideal conditions for planting new grass seed. The cooler temperatures in the evening also help to speed up the germination process! Ideally you want to make sure you are planting your grass seed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the first anticipation of frost. 


The Soil Retains More Moisture 


The cooler weather also allows the soil to retain more moisture, creating the perfect environment for germinating grass seed. In the hot summer months the soil dries out quicker from the heat of the sun which depletes some of the nutrients. Germinating in the fall ensures moisture retention and maximized nutrient values to support growth. 


Weeds and Insects are Less Prevalent 


Now that summer is through there are less weeds and insects that will restrict healthy germination. The grass seed has more opportunity to germinate without the disturbance of pesky weeds or insects that may otherwise destroy the new sprouts. 


Your lawn care work is not through yet! Make sure you maximize on the early fall season to get your lawn prepped for next year.
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